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Find Helpful Tips & Info in the Executive Building Maintenance Blog

As a trusted provider of janitorial services in Vancouver for over 30 years, Executive Building Maintenance, Inc. believes in educating customers and offers helpful tips and information to help you maintain your property. We encourage you to read our blog posts and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

  • Window washer
    How Often Should Your Office & Window Cleaning Services Be Scheduled?

    You’re wondering how often your office cleaning services need to be scheduled. It is hard to say because the response will vary from one business to the other. To begin with, the main factors that determine the frequency of janitorial cleaning in Vancouver include the size and profile of a particular business as well as the type and level of cleaning that is required. Use the suggestions/ideas noted below to get a better idea of how often your office cleaning services need to be scheduled.

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  • hardwood floors
    Vinyl & Hardwood Floor Maintenance Tips

    Tips to Effectively Maintain Your Hardwood and Vinyl Floors in Your Workplace

    Whether your commercial premises already have hardwood flooring or you’re planning to replace your current flooring with hardwood, you need to know a few tips on ways to keep them in pristine condition for years.

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  • clean office
    Floor Cleaning Tips from Executive Building Maintenance in Vancouver

    Floors in our workplaces bore the brunt of our activities, from grime on our shoes to dirt brought in by pets. As floors are heavily used, it is important to keep them well maintained. This will also enhance their looks and keep them looking new for years.

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  • clean meeting room
    Daily Tasks to Maintain a Clean Office Desk

    Your desk may not be the largest space that has to be kept clean, but it often gets messy as you keep piling up things all day long. The more you are occupied with work, the more your desk gets congested. However the fact is, you can easily keep a clean and tidy desk by following some simple tips and this won’t take too much of your time. Here are some useful everyday tips that will help you keep that office desk clean.

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  • window washer
    Need Professional Window Cleaners in Vancouver?

    Windows form an integral part of a commercial building. Keeping them clean is one factor that most people tend to ignore or take for granted though it can completely transform the internal atmosphere of a building. For instance, your office will never be dull and lifeless if you have clean windows.

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  • mop
    Floor Cleaning in Vancouver

    Your floors are the most used, most worn-out, and dirtiest part of your buildings. You walk over those floors day in and day out, and you seldom think about their maintenance. EBM Janitorial Services takes care of the dirty work for you—pun intended. We use the most innovative techniques, equipment, technology and products to work on your floors and leave them shiny and looking brand-new!

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  • Dinner is served at Whole Way House Picnic in the Park
    Making a Difference in Our World

    There comes a time in your life when you want to make a difference in this world. If it hasn’t come yet, it will. It is not necessarily an “aha” moment but more of a slow tugging at your


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  • green check box
    What Does Golf Have to Do with Growing a Business?

    What does golf have to do with growing a business? Apparently, a lot! It is the new form of “shop talk” that is taking over after-work drinks and exploding on the greens of the most luscious golf courses in British Columbia. Starting in June and staying strong ‘til September, golf tournament after golf tournament connects the junior and senior executives across all market segments in a way that nothing else can.

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  • Positive Workplace
    How to Create a Positive Workplace

    It’s Wednesday. Only halfway through the week and the weekend could not come fast enough. Work will always be work, but working in a positive environment can uplift your spirits and even bring a stitch of joy to your office. Here's how:

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  • going green
    Going Green & Getting Out There

    Our first blog post and this could be scary! Or maybe ‘scary’ isn’t the word. Whatever it is, it is new territory for us but it is a platform we can express our concerns and triumphs as a company trying to be the best it can be!

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