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Vinyl & Hardwood Floor Maintenance Tips

Tips to Effectively Maintain Your Hardwood and Vinyl Floors in Your Workplace

Whether your commercial premises already have hardwood flooring or you’re planning to replace your current flooring with hardwood, you need to know a few tips on ways to keep them in pristine condition for years.

Protect Your Hardwood from Moisture Damage

Though wooden floors are quite sturdy, if they’re not well-maintained by a professional floor cleaning company in Vancouver, they can turn very ugly, very quickly. Professional cleaners say that it’s not just large amounts of spillage or floods that you should look out for, but even small amounts of spills can cause extensive damage to your wooden floors if they’re not dried quickly. Sometime sudden climatic changes can lead to more humidity in the air. During summers, it is important to maintain a reasonable air condition levels and proper humidity controls. But it’s not just summers that you need to worry about, in winters the air can get really dry, so proper humidity levels are important if you have wood
flooring, as this will prevent them from dying and pulling apart from the seams.

Keep Them Shiny
Nothing looks as welcoming and enticing as a glossy hardwood floor but keeping it that way for years can be tricky. According to industrial cleaning services experts in Vancouver, Executive Building Maintenance, there are many ways to maintain shiny hardwood floors. You can begin by using vinegar and water on a sponge and mop your floors to clean them. This will not only rid your floors of grime and dust but will also protect its finish.

Sweep Regularly
Sweeping is a very important part in maintaining your hardwood floors. You can use a dust mop or a soft bristle broom. You must sweep daily to keep dust and grime off the floors as this might cause scratching or a larger mess when stepped upon. Get into the corners where small bits of trash and dirt can hide. Keep your floors clear of tools such as hammers and sharp objects.

Use Furniture Guards
You can also use furniture guards to maintain your hardwood floors. You can use them under your furniture. Never drag furniture on wooden floors. Place area rug or foot guards under your furniture and this will keep your floors looking like new for years.

Throw Rugs / Area Rugs
Executive Building Maintenance, who specializes in commercial cleaning services in Vancouver, recommends that you use throw rugs or area rugs on your hardwood floors to protect it against damage from scratches. It’s important to vacuum these rugs as well, to prevent dirt from falling in-between the small spaces of the wood and then getting permanently lodged there.

Clean Up Pet Mess Quickly
You should clean up pet mess without any delay. Also dry up the area.

Avoid Things that Will Damage the Floor
High heels can dent the hard wood floor and heavy shoes can dent, scratch, and scuff.

Vacuum Often
It’s best to vacuum a couple times a month and get the loose grime and food crumbs that might have been shoved in a corner. Use brush attachment to vacuum on your wood floors. Stiff bristles and hard plastic can scratch the finish on the floor.

Cover the Floor when Working
If you’re making minor repairs like switching outlet covers, put something like a wash cloth or soft towel under the area you’re working in. If you drop the screwdriver or lose a screw, it’s better for them to land on the towel and minimize any damage. Lay down drop clothes when cleaning or painting windows or walls. For professional results be sure to use a professional commercial cleaning service in Vancouver for the job.

How to Remove Stains from Your Vinyl Flooring
EBM Janitorial Vancouver recommends you take the following steps to address the stains on vinyl flooring. You’ll have to arrange the following equipment:

• A bucket with a ringer
• Rubber gloves
• A cleaning product
• Brush with soft bristles
• Warm water
• Multiple wash cloths or a mop

You should begin cleaning only after wearing your rubber gloves. This will prevent any contact of harmful bacteria with your skin. You can also wear a face mask to prevent breathing in these bacteria.

1. Sweep off the entire area of any dust or dirt, and food particles. This will also ensure you have direct access to stains on the flooring when you attempt to clean them.
2. Once the entire floor has been swept, you can go ahead and fill up a bucket with warm water and add your cleaning agent in it. EBM Janitorial Services in Vancouver recommends that you use eco-friendly products for this purpose.
3. Dip soft bristle brush in the cleaning solution and start scrubbing all the stains. Continue scrubbing until all are gone.
4. Once all the stains are gone, you can throw away the solution in the bucket and fill it with warm water. Use your mop to rid entire area of solution left behind after cleaning.

If you are washing during office hours be sure to notify employees and customers with wet floor signs. It’s best to consult a professional cleaning company in Vancouver to help you maintain your hardwood and vinyl floors. You can contact us for free estimate at 604-540-8880.

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