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How Often Should Your Office & Window Cleaning Services Be Scheduled?

You’re wondering how often your office cleaning services need to be scheduled. It is hard to say because the response will vary from one business to the other. To begin with, the main factors that determine the frequency of janitorial cleaning in Vancouver include the size and profile of a particular business as well as the type and level of cleaning that is required. Use the suggestions/ideas noted below to get a better idea of how often your office cleaning services need to be scheduled.

Required Type of Cleaning Services

You need to first determine the type of office cleaning services that you want. Do you want to outsource to a professional service? There are certain tasks that need to be done on a regular basis. These include day by day cleaning services such as dusting, vacuuming, cleaning of the washrooms, and others. The other services such as window cleaning need to be scheduled monthly, whereas carpets on the other hand need to be shampooed by a professional company at least two times every year. Tile floor cleaning in Vancouver can be done meticulously every six months, whereas you may need deep cleaning once every year. The frequency of your cleaning schedules will be determined by your desired types of cleaning services.

Size of the Business and What It Deals In
Bigger and busier companies need more cleaning since they see more people and more traffic at their workplace. Additionally, certain industries require regular (every day) industrial cleaning services in Vancouver. For instance, hospitals, daycares and restaurants need to be cleaned thoroughly every day. On the other hand, businesses such as car dealerships, real estate agencies or advertising agencies might need only one deep cleaning every week with one or two additional light cleanings every week. Your business size also matters. If you have a big box store, your cleaners may take an entire week to do all the cleaning tasks that are required. This is referred to as a “zone cleaning program”, and it’ll ensure that by the time the week comes to an end, all the parts of the facility will have been cleaned.

Besides keeping your workplace looking neat and fresh, commercial cleaning services in Vancouver are essential for the health and safety of your workers as well as the customers. Everyone that wishes to have a fresh and healthy place of work needs to clean their office space regularly. You must also comprehend the importance of appropriately scheduled office cleaning services.

If you work with EBM Janitorial, we can help you determine the proper schedule of office cleaning services for your business. If you want to get more information about our commercial cleaning services, just get in touch with us to today.

How Frequently Should You Clean Your Office Windows?
In case you are wondering how often you should clean your office windows, the response isn’t as simple as many people may imagine it to be. As a matter of fact, there are many different factors that determine this, including the type of the business that you are operating. Your business’s profile can influence the rate at which the windows of your office get dirty, both inside and out. Additionally, how regularly you need commercial window cleaning services may also be dictated by a range of several other influencers. These may include:

Landscape of the Area Where the Business Is Located
Even though trees surrounding an office make it (the office) look beautiful, they will most likely cause the office windows to require regular cleaning due to the insects and birds that are associated with the trees and dripping sap in some instances. People that have their office locations near a parking lot may also need to perform more regular cleaning due to the much debris that will be in the air. The same problem will be experienced by individuals that have mulched areas up against their buildings.

The Location of the Office
If you are fortunate enough to have your office in a quiet suburban neighborhood, you’ll presumably need window cleaning services less frequently than a business whose location is in a busy street or near a highway.

During the rainy seasons, office windows have to be cleaned more frequently so as to get rid of the mineral deposits that are associated with water. This is a factor that cannot be kept under control by anyone. The weather really determines just how frequently your office windows get filthy, and thus how more regularly they need to be cleaned.

When you have a better understanding of the factors that determine a commercial window cleaning schedule, you will be able to make the most excellent decisions regarding the cleaning of your office windows. The type of business determines the number of times that the windows for every building need to be cleaned by a professional company. Below are some simple guidelines:

Office Buildings – Even though offices can be cleaned two times every year, office windows that belong to lobby areas need to be cleaned every month since they enable a company to make a good first impression. The first impression that a customer will get when he/she finds an office with dusty windows will be that the business isn’t performing well. Dust windows just don’t inspire trust.

Retail Stores – The office windows of retail stores can be cleaned once a month. This also applies to similar businesses that experience a lot of foot traffic. In an environment which is very competitive, the impression you make is fundamental to a positive image.

Healthcare Facilities – All things in a healthcare facility need to be perfectly clean. The office windows of hospitals, clinics, and so on need to be cleaned every month. They all have to present a well-maintained appearance.

Restaurants – The windows for restaurants need to be cleaned more often than those for other commercial areas, at times up to two times a month. The grease and moisture that travel around in the atmosphere of the restaurant are the ones that inflict the frequency of cleaning. Besides tasty food, appetizing windows will also help to project an image of excellence. Your customers will be driven away by fingerprinted, grimy and dirty windows. If you have a desire of keeping your business looking great, both inside and out, it is important that you keep your windows clean.

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